Monday, January 15, 2007

And the lace goes on

Here's a little ugly unblocked lumpy bumpy lace. But I have faith. I love the Turquoise Splendor, great colors and it's super soft. Unfortunately, I was a little late in realizing this is a project that cannot be worked on in the company of others. Can't seem to count while people talk, so it's got a few mistakes, but it's gonna stay that way. I put in a life line so if I screw up again I can rip back without completely panicking. Big thanks to the meetup crew for suggesting that.

At the moment though I've got lots of time to work on it all by myself since Austin has shut down. It's the annual ice storm, the weathermen freak out, the schools shut down and I watch daytime TV and take pictures of icicles. Yee haw!

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