Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I Hate Ants!

Here's a new joy of home ownership. I have ants in the house, and not harmless little sugar ants in the kitchen, we're talking sonofabitch that hurts biting ants in my bedroom. I had seen a few and gotten a couple bites on my feet and was going to get some amdro as soon as I got around to it.
I came home Sunday night with the intention of putting on PJs curling up on the couch and watching mind numbing late night TV. I pulled on my pajama pants and immediately discovered they were moving. Ants, literally, in my pants. I leapt out of them and brushed all the ants off my leg, but not before they got about 15 good stings on my left thigh. The inside of the pants looked like a horror movie. I washed them on the hottest setting muttering "Die, die, DIE!!" Still can't figure out what could have gotten on those pants to attract that many ants, I'd say it qualifies as a swarm.
So I sprayed every base board in the house with Country Fresh Scent Raid Ant & Roach spray that night, and I'll put out Amdro tonight. And if that doesn't work I'm calling the creepy "Kill Your Bugs" guy from the TV.
The bites are on fire today, and I gotta say nothing quite so classy as rubbing ointment on your thighs in a public bathroom. Let's hope my coworkers don't wonder too much what I'm up to in there.


Anonymous gina said...

If you get the Kill Your Bugs guy, you should get a photo of him with Exchquered or something. He's practically a celebrity.

Hang in there with the ants... I have two big colonies in my yard here and am in denial that I'll have to get rid of them eventually. They've already attacked one unwitting guest who went through pretty much exactly what you're describing.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Jennifer said...

Oh that's making me itch just reading about it!

I really like your Topi's you did. I'm putting together a gallery of my pattern designs, I'd love to include yours with a blog link if you'd like. Thanks!

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Susan said...

Bummer! That's a fun game though - ANts in your Pants.

I agree with GIna - photograph the creepy bug guy. I wanna see!

8:19 PM  

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