Friday, May 19, 2006

On the needles

Here's the projects I have in the works:

1. Exchequered Scarf - another fabulous knitty pattern and this time it's for ME! The size 3's are the smallest I've used but I'm getting the feel of it now. I picked up size 8's for something else and they felt like tree trunks. I dig the colors and am still totally amazed at double knitting. I love those projects where you're constantly amazed by what comes off the needles. Hopefully it will get cold enough to wear it eventually.

2. Sharfik Scarf - A nice manly pattern from Grumperina. I'm thinking it'll be for my dad for father's day. Great, a wool scarf when it's a hundred and holy fuck degrees in June, but he travels so he can wear it somewhere else. Trouble is I'm using more estate sale wool that is so old and stinky I have to leave in the garage for fear of the old lady stench contaminating the rest of my stash. I have to wash every ball of it before I can even bring it in the house. That's going to be a pain in the ass. Even washed it's scratchy wool so I may scrap this and use another material, we'll see.

And many more projects to come. There are several things I want to knit out of the Big Girl Knits book I just bought, but good lord that's going to be a lot of money in yarn.


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