Monday, May 22, 2006

Glitter Eyelash Vomit Yarn

I hate novelty yarns. I hate them with an ever growing passion. I would never wear an article of clothing with glitter hair all over it. I wouldn't wear a hat with Christmas tree tinsel woven into it. And I just can't imagine anyone who would. Then why, WHY??!!, are they everywhere. I live for luscious natural fibers in vibrant life affirming colors, but I can't afford that so I go to Michael's. Where they stock about 45% $1/pound nasty acrylic yarn, 5% reasonable cotton or wool yarns, and 50% ugly boucle, glitter, tinsel, fur and eyelash.

I've been knitting over a year now, and I'm really ready to knit something of substance, a garmet I want to wear. I've found patterns I think I can handle, but to buy enough of a yarn I love to make a sweater that will fit me it's going to cost somewhere around $150. For me to buy a $150 sweater in the store angels would have to sing in the dressing room, so I'm really struggling with the thought of spending that much money plus countless hours knitting on a sweater I may hate.

I have commitment issues. Do you have any advice?


Anonymous SUsan said...

I suggest

Cheaper than Michael's or Hobby Lobby, and they have natural fibers. I've knit with lots of their yarns and I love them.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Beth (big geek) said...

Well you are off to a good start! Down with fun fur! Really it must be stopped.

I agree with Susan, Knit Picks. Have you tried the Paton's Merino Yarn? Sometimes you can get it on sale at AC Moore. You could also get white and dye it! That's what I do. It has a lot of yardage to it.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Kitsune said...

Fun fur isn't so horrible, really.
I used it to make fingerless gloves for my Halloween costume for this year, and still need to make the rest of the costume >.< (Anyone know where I can find a knitted bikini top and bottoms for that part of the costume?)

I do agree with your hatred for the glitter, though. You get one little spec on you, and it never goes away, ever.
I just made a scarf for my "mother-in-law" with this gossamer weight tan glittery stuff held with a white cotton yarn. It looks like cinnamon sugar, but i hated working with it.

9:48 PM  

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