Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bound off

Check it out, I've actually finished stuff lately. My favorite by far is the Mason Dixon Warshrag (or cup towel in my mother's house.)

Ain't it purty and it almost matches my Ikea cup towels. I intend to make many more of these and just about everything else from the MDK book. Love it!

Here's the brown hat (don't know why it looks purple) that I thought was a disaster. It didn't turn out so bad, nobody but me is ever going to notice the errors on the top and the bunching on the sides of the brim looked much better once I put the plastic mesh in. Looks like Jake is getting his hat after all.

And here's what will spend the rest of its days in a bag in my closet with all the other swatches and knitting disasters. It's my retarded elf sock. It has a weird pointy toe, it's way too narrow for my foot and it has some strange twist that makes it quite uncomfortable. It's not getting a partner, but I did learn what not to do next time. My next sock attempt will involve actual sock yarn, 5 (not 4) DPNs, and a real pattern. Knit and learn.

As for Exchequered, on it goes. It's sort of my back burner project, but every now and then I pick it up and checker, checker, checker, checker, checker, checker. But fear not, it will get done, if for no other reason than my favorite guilty pleasure TV show premiered tonight. Big Brother, my secret love, I'll have lots of quality knitting time parked in front of the boob tube for that show.


Anonymous gina said...

I love the warshrag. Is it the real deal Peaches n' Creme or the Hobby Lobby knockoff, Sugar n' Creme? I can only ever seem to find the latter.

I think the ExChequered is going to be ExQuisite.

Go ahead, groan.

10:50 PM  
Blogger abbenormal said...

Thanks Gina, that would be knockoff cotton, I'll have to find some of the other to compare.

2:05 PM  

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