Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another crack at this blogging thing

Well, I started this up a while ago but I figure it's worth another go. Mostly because I was looking for knitting blogs from people in Austin and didn't find much (although looks very cool.) That's reason enough to do my own right. I'm not the most experienced or the fastest knitter, but I'm getting better and more ambitious. Now I just need the yarn budget to keep up with tastes.

Here's a few recently finished projects

1. Aunt Julia's Red Wrap - My Aunt Julia recently bought a convertible and my mom suggested I knit her something to keep her hair in tact with the top down (although I don't think 60 mph winds could put a dent in her hair helmet.) I had tons of red wool from an estate sale so I made a clapotis. It turned out beautifully, I was totally amazed by the drop stitch ladders. Although the old wool smelled HORRible when I got it wet to block it. It smelled like wet dog and overcooked broccoli, sweet lord. I febreezed (yes, that's a verb) the shit out of it and it no longer smells like death. The blocking also made it all soft and flowy. I hope Aunt Julia loves it.

2. Memi's Military Hat - I loved the Topi pattern from the spring Knitty and cast on for it the day the pattern was posted. I had some Paton's Classic Merino in my favorite grassy green color. This was my first project on circular needles. How cool are they, I can't believe I was scared of them. I made the pattern a little bit bigger for my huge noggin, but then halfway through my friend Memi declared her love for the hat, so it's hers now. I'm really happy with how it turned out. She wears and anti-W button on it. A wise choice and an excellent accessory I think.

3. Mother's Day Flower - I'm a lousy kid, I didn't start anything for Mother's day until the Friday before, but I made a really pretty knit flower to go on the package. It knit up fast and made a nice decoration. I didn't get a picture, but trust me it was pretty. It's too cutesy to put on anything to wear (at least for me) but my mom seemed to like it.


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