Monday, November 22, 2004


Oh Rufus, how much do I love him. Rufus Wainwright almost makes me wish I were a gay man. His new album Want Two is beautiful, elaborate, ornate, operatic, baroque, indulgent and filthy... I love it. The album goes from Agnus Dei a hypnotic prayer for peace, to the Art Teacher my personal favorite. It is so passionate it almost makes me cry everytime I hear it. Gay messiah, is just naughty in the first few listenings, and quite thought provoking once you get past the did he just say what I thought he said. I'm also thoroughly enjoying Crumb by Crumb, it's the catchiest track. The album also comes with a dvd of his performance in San Francisco at the Fillmore. It's good, but I think his performance here in Austin was better. Although he plays Hallelujah on the dvd. He really gives Jeff Buckley a run for his money on the best version of that song. Great album. Now please please please come back to Austin.


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